The only time I ever admitted that my name is Asim Altokhais since my birth in 1981 it was when I was 14, when I wrote an article that talks about the effect of war on the Bosnian people as a school assignment and I won the prize that year. Ever since that time, I was given a monthly column to write in the school monthly magazine, I believe that article opened for me the doors to write what I feel and spread the message that I want to tell.


Now that I’m a screenwriter, most of what I see right now from wars, death, crimes and so on, became the bulk of my novels and scripts in so many ways. Although I create my own characters, rules and regulations, I still believe that life has its own input on me in many occasions.


After graduation from collage, I persuaded the career of a high school teacher, where I explain my lesson in a new way of storytelling far from the routine and boring way, not just that, but my love for cars and being dealing with them for not less than 15 years, made me anxious on to write about cars after test driving them, and adding my own expertise to that as well.


I went to the main local newspaper in town (AlRiyadh), and pitched my idea for writing about cars in their newspaper and magazine, since they don’t have that section, and after a year of my constant insistence, and waiting every week at the door of the chief of editors, in the end I got the job. Soon after that, the sales went % 30 up, causing so many local car dealers to sponsor the two pages, that’s not all, but I also gain to write about education problems and my take on it, as a weekly column.


After graduating from Vancouver Film School in 2011, I’ve put my whole effort to write about what I believe worth writing for, so I focused on writing crime TV series, novels. I also focused on writing fantasy novels, anime and comics which I believe are one of the things that I really enjoy writing them, and I can write these types of novels forever.


I like Guy Ritchie’s movies, I believe it speaks to me in so many occasions, and I like writing for crime, thriller and mobsters as well. My dream is to write about corruption in the society, crimes and what lies beneath the governments back doors, and how crime, drug trafficking and mobsters are causing so much problems and pain to our way of life. I want to write a caution message to all the people over the world, and I don’t care if my life will be the price for that, but at least I did what I believe in, and what should be out there for the general public to know.