THE GHOUL (2011)

The Ghoul, A comedy short film, revolves around two adult burglars who want to steal a safe, but they find out that they’re in the need help of the ghoul, who’s a nine-year-old kid and the best safecracker in the neighborhood. Once he answers their call, he wants in return to take him to a nightclub to drink some beer, but unfortunately, after getting their hands on the money, the two adults trap the ghoul in the safe. But before escaping the office, the security guards arrest them, and they get the ghoul out, where he takes the money and escapes.

Movie details

Directed by: Theo G. Kim, TGK Films
Written by: Asim Altokhais
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada. 2011


In a post-apocalyptic world where half of the population vanishes from an unknown disease, a group of survivors is trying to find a secret haven that they’ve heard about before they left the city. Now, their leader Raid wants to lead them to this secret place that he knows about, but along the way, they get attacked by a group of cannibals who feeds on human flesh to survive.

After escaping those cannibals, they head to an abandoned house on the edge of the city, that’s where Raid goes inside the house to check it out alone. At that moment, a man shoves a gun into Raid’s head, but it turns out to be Dr. Jack, an old friend of Raid. Raid shows him his arm where a black spider look-alike appears on his arm; Jack brings Raid’s pills and then burns a top-secret film with Raid’s name on it.

Movie details

Directed by: Ricardo Plaza-Rosselto
Written by: Asim Altokhais
Produced by: Tyler Deok
Co-produced by: Awipa Woraprangkul

Behind the Bentley’s glass (2017)

One man is trying to solve the world’s problem while sitting with his friends in a café, but he realizes that all men are created equal. His emotions and imaginations take him to think out of the box on how to solve these problems if there’s any real solution to do.

Screenwriter/Producer: Asim Altokhais
Director: Oubada Merchali
Genre: Psychological, drama.
Year: 2017 (Coming Soon)

Produced by 3rd action films

Behind the Bentley’s Glass (2017) | Behind the scenes

Meeting with the devil (2017)

The devil meets a human in a café shop to recruit him as his right man in his army, but the human answer to the devil’s proposal never crossed the devil’s mind.

Screenwriter/Producer: Asim Altokhais
Director: Theo Kim
Co-producer: Andy Hodgson
Genre: Action, supernatural, thriller, drama, horror.
Year: 2017

Produced by 3rd action films